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10,000 Pushup Challenge


Donation will be delivered to the Homeless Shelter tomorrow, Wed (due to circumstances beyond our control).  The video of this will be posted Wed of Thu.

The fundraiser works like this:
On Saturday Nov 19th, Dave Woods began his attempt to do 10,000 pushups in 10 days while driving to Oregon to visit family.  The following is his story:

Day 1:  1-900  On Saturday I woke up early to get started.  1st 40 pushups I did at 8:14 am.  3 minutes later I did 60 more.  At this point I decided 50 at a time was good....  After teaching Kung Fu, I finally left to Cambria around 3pm.  Just before midnight I completed my last set which brought me up to 900 for the day.  That was a lot for the 1st day and I was extremely fatigued!

Day 2:  900-1900  1st set at 9:30am.  Yes I slept in a little!  I did 300 this morning and left to San Francisco at about 11am.  After I got there I went out to see the city a little.... when I came back to the hotel room I finished another 700 just before midnight.  Suprisingly, the soreness isn't so bad.  I'm sure the protein supplements are making a big difference in that regard.

Day 3:  1900-3000  1st set at 7:15 am.  I started early because I was getting more sore and I was still 100 behind the average of 1000 per day.  Drove to Arcata (5 hours north).  All of this was going up the 101 which was an awesome drive!  So I did a few pushups at a rest stop today.  Finished just before midnight again for a total of 1100 today.  The soreness continues to increase.  I was thinking today would be the worst but now looking back, it was a linear progression of pain all the way up to the last day!

Day 4:  3000-4100  1st set at 10:30am.  Short drive to Redwood City today - only an hour and a half north.  So I slept in a little knowing I had more time to work.  Finished around 11:15pm.  Resting a little more is definitely helpful and makes a noticeable difference in soreness.

Day 5:  4100-5250  Started at 8:30am, finished at 10:30pm!  Today I drive to Newport, Oregon.  Also kinda had a little issue with my wrist - almost carpel tunnel feeling or tendonitis...  I felt good overall though and of course I wanted to get ahead so I pushed through and got some extra done again!  Drive was just over 6 hours.  It has rained every day so far non-stop!

Day 6:  5250-6400  Thanksgiving Day!  Started at 9:10am, finished at 10:12pm.  Today was awesome because I drove to Cannon Beach; beautiful beach and also film location for the childhood classic movie "Goonies."  The drive was only about 3 hours and just after arriving at the beach it stopped raining in time to see the sun set.  After leaving the beach I drove to Astoria.  Got pulled over for driving too slow (in the rain) and for changing lanes without signalling (road went 1 to 2 lanes and apparently I was supposed to signal).  One block after that was the hotel! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! No ticket though, the officer was nice and really just checking to see if I was drinking.

Day 7:  6400-7200  1st set at 8:45am.  Today I went to see the house where "Goonies" was filmed.  Also visited the Flavel House Museum which is fascinating, and the Clatsop County Jail (also in "Goonies").  Astoria is an interesting place!  I drove over the Columbia River into Washington, then turned around and headed to Bend where my family was for the holidays.  6 hour drive!  Finished at midnight.  I didn't do as many because I really just didn't have time!

Day 8:  7200-8300  Beween midnight and 1am I did 200 more before going to sleep.  Then I woke up at 9:30am to get started again.  Did some different pushups - knuckles, wide, narrow, high, offset, etc.  Finished at 11:40pm.  Today was my Thanksgiving with my girlfriend and family.  It was great to see everyone since we don't normally all get together like this.  Family is the best!

Day 9:  8300-9200  Super sore today due to less sleep!  Started at 10:10am and finished at 12:30am of day 10.  Drove down I-5 all the way to Sacramento which ended up being about a 9 hour drive.

Day 10:  9200-10,000.  I was pretty worried about making it because I had to drive 5 hours and work 5 hours.  When would I have the time to do 800 more pushups!?!?  To top it off, I lost a video due to a computer glitch.  I did 50 extra just to have it on film though.  I also did 50 extra during jiujitsu class, so technically I went 100 over 10,000.  However, I only count the ones I actually recorded, so it's 10,000 even!  I started at 8am and finished at 7:52pm at the school. 

It took a lot of problem solving to get this video up.  It is pretty funny to watch because it's in super fast speed.  Even so, it is over 24 minutes long!  So if you have nothing better to do, enjoy!  If not, you might wanna just skip around a little.  Regardless, this is proof of my 10,000 pushups. 

It was a fun and interesting experience!  I am grateful for being able to do this.  I am stronger now of course, but more importantly I have raised money to help the Homeless Shelter - people who need it.  LOCAL people.  Yes, some of the money is for me too...  Don't I deserve a little bit?

Now it's time to collect donations.  They are due no later than Mon, Dec 5th by 9:15pm.  On Tuesday I'll go to the Homeless Shelter to make the donation.  Thank you everyone who followed this story and already donated, and thanks in advance to those who are going to donate!

Dave did 10,000 pushups, so according to the terms of the challenge, he gets to keep half, the other half will go to the Homeless Shelter.

Thank you to all who donated to this cause.  The total was not a huge amount - it was under $1,000, but every dollar helps!  Here's the video of the donation being made:

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