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Streetwise Self Defense

The phrase "self defense" tends to make people think about white karate suits and punching the air for hours on end....  That is not what we do!  Our defense system is a mix of modern and traditional martial arts, incorporating any moves that work for self defense, regardless of style.  The foundation of this class comes from Kung Fu San Soo, of which the instructor Dave is a Master.  However, moves are incorporated from many other styles such as MMA, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, and more.  It is an adaptable, true no rules system used by civilians, law enforcement, military, etc. When you need to defend yourself or your loved ones, a kick to the groin, attacking the eyes, striking the back of the neck, throwing someone onto the concrete, using control holds and chokes to incapacitate the assailant, etc. are some of the most effective moves you could use.  That is what we teach!


My fellow school owner and Kung Fu Master has a nice video explaining a little more about Kung Fu San Soo:

Fighting is ugly. Fancy moves are more for show than for the street. The true essence of martial arts is the ability to win a real world fight as quickly and easily as possible. Our self defense system is designed to end a fight quickly, using efficiency and technique rather than brute force or acrobatic movements.

 NOTE: Any martial arts style can be made to look great or terrible, especially on YouTube! I have seen many poor examples of martial arts on the internet, and a handful of good examples. If you want to know how WE teach, come in and try the class for free. Nothing beats first hand experience.

We spend more time practicing simple defense maneuvers than forms or "kata"; students need self-defense that works now, not 10 years from now. At the same time, students will learn higher level Kung Fu moves that do take years to perfect. In short, Our self defense system gives you street smart moves NOW and helps you build on that skill to become a true Kung Fu master later.

Some of the areas of combat we cover are:

Strikes.  Elbows and knees, punches, kicks, headbutts, fingerjabs (pokes), clawing, biting, whatever it takes to protect yourself in a true no rules situation.

Leverages (joint locks and submissions), sweeps, and throws. We generally include chokes in this category as well.

Pressure points. We attack the nerves in the body that are especially sensitive. The pain caused by attacking these areas can cause an opponent to react in a way that may give you an advantage in a fight. Pressure points are useful weapons although they don't always end a fight by themselves (unlike what you might see in cheesey but entertaining movies)

Physical dynamics including strength training, balance drills, efficiency, etc.   You don't have to be an Olympic athlete, but we will make you physically ready to defend yourself.

Psychology / strategy.  This includes everything from how to carry yourself when you walk to offensive tactics for multiple attackers with weapons. We focus on reality scenarios, proper mindset, good attitude, strategy for single or multiple attackers, weapons, and much more.

The 5 categories of technique described above have been used together as a system for 1000's of years! For this reason, Kung Fu San Soo, the foundation of our training could be considered a "mixed martial art," although it's different than what we now call "MMA." Kung Fu San Soo is a smooth, free-flowing adaptive style which incorporates all aspects of fighting into a single, efficient, and highly effective no rules / street-fighting style.

Do you want to know real fighting and self-defense but you're not necessarily interested in competition?  Bakersfield Elite Martial Arts is the place for you!  However, if you are interested in competition, we can help you with that too!

Here is a small preview of only a few moves from our system:

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